Sunday, June 19, 2011

Preview: India Vs West Indies 1st Test Match

Ding dong... Purists. The real game starts tomorrow. One team is playing depleted side intentionally and other is forced to dues to idiotic board. Take Gayle out you get half of the WI team. I can already see them getting bogged down and crawling at 2 RPO. They would breath a sigh of relief with the inclusion of Chanderpaul who can alone frustrate Indian bowler all day long. Indian's on the other hand have bee boosted by Dravid and VVS who needs no introduction.
Probable Squad India:
Abhinav Mukund
Murali Vijay
Rahul Dravid
Virat Kohli
VVS Laxman
Suresh Raina
MS Dhoni
Harbhajan Singh
Praveen Kumar
Ishant Sharma
Amit Mishra

Abhinav Mukund and Virat Kohli both would play their debut test match. They are lucky to play against a poor WI. Two decades ago any youngster would shudder in his shoes if he's selected to debut against WI. Everyone knows Kohli but i dont think a lot of you are familiar with Mukund.
He's a left handed attacking opener. Quite young, just 21 years old. In 40
FC matches he's scored runs at an avg of 60 with 13 hundreds and a top score of 300*. So the talent is there. All he needs to do is apply it on International level.

Fake West Indies...

Sammy ambling to bowl 120 Km/h dollies and Ravi Rampaul sharing the new ball with Roach. Barath and Simmons gettting bogged down against a substandard Indian bowling attack on a lifeless pitch. Whats wrong with this picture. The West Indies i knew believed in dominating the opponent. Intimidating him. Out of the field they were nice guys but once on the field they were bullies. The bowlers never sledged because they dont have too. No batsman would dare to anger the likes of Marshel,Garner,Walsh,Ambrose, Bishop etc. Lara's magic was as much joy to behold as was Richard's nonchalant disdainful destruction of bowlers. Current WI team is a shame on the great teams of past. They don't have many talented player and the ones they have are being kept away form the game due to shoddy politics. Its a shame to see WICB going down the PCB road. Another nation with great cricketing culture is heading for disaster in terms of cricket. Other sports have surpassed cricket as popularity there. Its gonna take more than a ridiculous Chris Gayle afro to bring back the passion and love for cricket.

A cricket fanatic's apologies to MSD

More than 2 months have passed but the feeling of World Cup win is yet to sink in. I know its a bit late but its about time i have to admit i was wrong about MS. Although his glove-work was fantastic over the course of 2 months in the WC but he was horrendous with the bat. I was his harshest critic until that one eventful day when billions went bonkers delirious in joy. Somehow he managed to get his old self back for the most important match of his career and what followed was cannot be described in words. Even though he was attacking, we was keeping the balls along the ground. That was the trademark of his innings. Tackling Murali and playing him inside out time and again takes some guts. I felt sorry for SL, they finished runner up in 07 WC,09T20 WC and now this. It was a fairytale end for Sachin's WC career. I almost cried when i saw the little great man running around with joy and then being carried on shoulder's of Kohli and Pathan. Enough rant now, Thanks MS and we wont mind you repeating this effort again in 2015

Friday, August 20, 2010

Razer's Fascination with Animal Kingdom

Razer has been leading hardware manufacture company for gaming products in last decade. I own a lot of Razer stuff so got curious why they name their devices weirdly. So did some digging and found there is a pattern Razer has been using in last few years. It was some refreshing stuff. So here it is.

Latest Razer Keyboards: Tarantula, Arctosa, Lycosa
all of these are species of a spider.

Lycosa Keyboard

Lycosa Spider

Mouse: Deathaadder, Mamba,Naga
all of these are species of snake

Mamba Mouse

Mamba Snake

Mouse pads: Goliathus,Megasoma, Sphex, Vespula
Goliathus and Megasoma are species of beetle. While Sphex and Vespula are species of
Wasp. I guess they used two different species because of two different type of mouspads. Goliathus and Megasoma are cloth based, while Sphex and Vespula are Hard
surface pads.

Goliathus MousePad(Cloth Based)

 Goliathus Beetle

Vespula(Hard Surface) Mousepad

Vespula Wasp

Headphones: Moray,Carcharias,Megalodon,Orca
These all are species of sharks

Orca headphone

 Orca Shark 

 Megalodon Headphone

Megalodon Shark

Designer Names:Even the Names are designed in accordance with the species. Lycosa's "O" is designed like a spider. Megalodon's "G" indicates a shark's fin. Vespula's "P" has a wing of wasp alongside. Goliathus's "O" is beetle shaped. Naga's "N" is clearly a snake.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Are you in love?

Hi everyone, today we gonna discuss love.

A lot of people say they are in love. Most of 20 year old today thinks they are in love. teenager use it more often than anyone else. But i don't this anyone of them truly understand love coz almost 90 percent of them have never been in love. Love isn't something that you can find in the dictionary or after a nice goofy chat with anyone you like at movies or at a inn.
First rule about love is that there are no rules, no boundaries or restrictions. If there are conditions then it ain't love. Love is always unconditional and without any strings attached. It is complete devotion to someone. You just wanna see them happy. If the person you love is happy then nothing else should matter. One of the most common symptom of love is unawareness of time. If hours seem like minutes when you are with her/him then boy you are in love. Time really fly by in love. Every time you would wish just a few more minutes with her/him. More you love someone, harder it is to say goodbye to that someone.
I never believed in love, until i fell in love myself. Bad thing about love is heartbreak. Its is a situation no one ever wanna find themselves in. Love is a very beautiful journey while it last. For some it last very long and for some it is short-lived.

Thats it for now.... maybe I'll blog 'bout first love or heartbreak or something about my personal life next.... till then goodbye.